wholesale raft

with admin over Jun 27, 2019

Toptan sal
Visible changes and developments in the wholesale market. As it is known, wholesale market is a very old and well-established line of business. An economic business based on the principle of buying a raft wholesale, that is, buying it cheaply and selling it again cheaply, is called wholesale sal. Because the main rule of the trade area is still valid, the wholesale raft also progresses by improving itself and keeping up with the times. .

What is that rule? While one product is 10 liras, 5 of them can cost 40 liras, not 50 liras. Wholesale sale does not rely on precise mathematical calculations in fact, in a way, we can say that mathematical calculations are turned upside down. is still. Because logically, if a product is 10 liras, 5 products should be 50 liras. However, this is only on paper. Because the main goal of trading is to sell, to dispose of what you have as quickly as possible.

Disposal is so important because the faster a product is sold in bulk, the more likely it is to be reproduced and sold. Thus, the wheels of the capital economy based on production and consumption begin to turn from where they left off. Wholesale market is full, companies and individuals who shop from wholesale suppliers can both have a say and be happy in the market by taking advantage of various advantageous prices. .

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