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Toptan Eşarp & Şal
Our Vision
To be the most preferred brand by customers, shareholders and employees by maintaining its leading, pioneering and reliable shawl, scarf and hijab clothing position as a regional power
Our Goals
For our customers;
- To be the most preferred shawl, scarf and hijab clothing in all sectors and customer groups that make up our goal in service delivery
- To our customers, with our qualified employees to provide complete, reliable and quality service
- To comply with our high business ethics principles without compromising
For our shareholders;
- To increase our share value steadily
For our employees;
- Being the employer of choice and providing our employees with programs and training opportunities that encourage their personal and professional development
- Spreading our customer-oriented approach to all our employees
- Supporting and encouraging loyalty, taking responsibility and being creative- Based on competence and performance To implement a honest, fair and reliable recruitment, evaluation, assignment and promotion system
Our Values
Our shawl, scarf and hijab clothing brand represents its corporate identity, guides us in achieving our vision and goals, and is one of our employees. our values ​​that they internalized into a business and lifestyle;
- honest and reliable,
- leader, pioneer and innovative,
- customer-oriented and providing quality service,
- respectful and sensitive to society, people and the environment ,
- is to be transparent
Our Strategy
To achieve our vision and goals, it is “uninterrupted sustainable profitable growth based on being the closest shawl, scarf and hijab clothing brand to the customer”.
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