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with admin over Sep 09, 2019

Moda Bone
The leading brand of the Wholesale Cap Sector, 1889's, with its designs for all needs and trends in the ready-made clothing industry, continues to make its name known all over the world with the high quality, up-to-date and unique options it offers to brands since the first day it was founded.
By reflecting the changing world trends in its designs. , adopting the principle of being the pioneer of innovations in Turkey and enriching these special designs with natural and high quality fabrics, 1889's has become the indispensable wholesale brand of ready-made clothing brands. Today, in the showcases of fashion stores in many parts of the world, you can come across all these designs of 1889's and encounter a rich product variety ranging from sportswear to classics, from a feminine line to a masculine line. If you want to provide your customers with a satisfied fashion experience and to be among the unforgettable brands in the women's clothing trade, you can get information from the contact section, social media channels for all the details on the order, or visit 1889's website Wholesale store.