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Esarp bayiligi
Our wholesale scarf company is Turkey's leading scarf company. Our wholesale scarf company, which has been serving since 1989, has 11 dealerships throughout the country. We continue to give wholesale esarp franchises in order to further expand our growing network day by day. Our aim is to reach more wholesalers and to earn while earning. Our company, 1889s Wholesale Muslimwear, is a brand that produces its own products and offers them to its customers with confidence. Working with the understanding of quality and hygienic service, wholesale scarves gives dealerships to wholesale scarves who will serve meticulously like itself. We do not want franchise entry fee and advertising participation fee from wholesale scarves. We want you to be our dealer by facilitating the entrepreneurs who want to get dealership in wholesale scarves.

What are our Conditions for Buying Wholesale Scarf Dealership

Our first condition for dealership is Wholesale scarf Dealership Since the location of the business you want to buy is very important for us, it is a good idea. We want you to choose a location. This place can be in shopping malls in Europe and America or it can be on a busy street. In Europe and America, it should be a place where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic, car traffic is heavy and there is no parking problem, and the cars should be able to see the workplace easily while passing. The extent to which the place chosen in Europe and America will need renovation should be well determined. Care should be taken to ensure that the structure selected in Europe and America is suitable for infrastructure such as drains, chimneys and natural gas. Considering the competitors in the region in Europe and America, the place should be chosen accordingly. In Europe and America, the workplace should be zero to the pavement so that entry and exit can be made easily. You must have sufficient finances to be able to build and operate the site chosen for wholesale scarf in accordance with our architectural standards. The location and model you choose for wholesale scarves should fit your budget. Since your workplace will be our workplace for wholesale scarves, we need to be in constant cooperation as a professional. The product supply for wholesale scarves will be entirely provided by us. If these dealership conditions for wholesale scarves suit you, we would like to work together by signing our dealership contract.

What We Will Do When You Become Our Dealer After Purchasing Dealership

First of all, we need to confirm the location of the wholesale scarf dealer you have determined. When the wholesale scarf is approved, it is arranged in accordance with the concept of our company. All of the personnel who will work in the workplace after the wholesale scarf process must take the orientation training given by our training department. Education is everything in the wholesale scarf business, and first of all, it is necessary to know the intricacies of the work to be done. Textile safety is a very important issue for both customers and the company's reputation. Our company, which has been working for years by fully fulfilling the textile safety requirements, also wants the workplaces to which it gives dealership to work diligently by establishing a textile safety control system. We want to protect all the values ​​of our brand, which is reliable in the market, with the understanding of corporate responsibility in wholesale scarf work. We desire a quality and hygienic work in continuous cooperation with the professional working style in the wholesale scarf business. Our wholesale scarf company is at the forefront with its service quality in the sector.
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